Surface Whitebox - 1 box 3 items (White+Cream+Serum)

$180.00 $170.00 0.00984 BTC


Surface Whitebox – 1 box 3 items (White+Cream+Serum)

$180.00 $170.00 0.00984 BTC

Eliminate dark spots on the skin whilst created a whitened flawless looking skin complexion that radiates.



How does Surface Whitebox work?

Surface Whitebox is a safe treatment that can be used in the comfort of your own home, without the need of a medical professional or any needles. Use the mesoroller included to apply the solutions yourself.

What are the benefits of Surface Paris Whitebox?

  • Even looking, flawless, skin complexion
  • Dark spot elimination
  • Radiant luminous looking skin

What do I receive in the Whitebox?

  • A brightening face cream to correct irregularities in skin pigmentation
  • An Anti-dark spots serum highly concentrated in active GABA complex
  • A cocktail of skin whitening and antioxidants
  • A mesoroller for safe home use

How often do I use the treatment?

Use the mesoroller to apply the solution once very weeks for a five week duration.


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